EPIC Dealer Solutions Ltd. works with a network of financial institutions, ranging from conservative (offering lower interest rates to low-risk consumers) to aggressive (offering higher interest rates to high-risk consumers).   Because EPIC uses several financial institutions, we are able to provide financing for a wide range of credit situations while obtaining the most competitive interest rate for your customer.

EPIC’s has lenders who are willing to accept vehicles that other won’t.  Our program allows customer to finance vehicles that are less than $5,000, older than 10 years, and those vehicles with  very high kms.

With Epic, you can be confident that obtaining financing for your customer is fast, easy, and confidential. Best of all, the process is completed in your location!

lower interest Rate– EPIC’s large network of lenders compete for car buyers ensures that you receive the best interest rate possible

Flexible Terms- No money Down, NO Penalties for making larger payments or early loan payment- Longer Amortization terms

All credit- EPIC treats every client as an individual and knows that each situation is unique

Confidentiality– EPIC is dedicated to protecting your privacy and safeguarding all personal financial information